London fog and travel tips

London fog and travel tips

I am in no way doing this video lark just because it is quicker than writing and I don’t have to edit it. Ok, I probably should edit it – but lets all pretend you like me as I am, inability to form sentences and all.  Today I am bringing you some travel tips, a little love letter to London fog and a new plate that I got today.


Author: runawaykiwi

One thought on “London fog and travel tips

  1. H Rebecca,

    Yeah! The travel/frequent flying post 🙂 There’s some good tips in there.

    As well as tea, I can also recommend good single-origin coffee through something like an Aeropress (although as a flat white drinker, I’m not sure you’d approve.. 🙂 ).

    The taking care of yourself is also a good tip, especially on business trips or seeing friends, when there’s always that pressure to go out and socialise on the first night…

    The packing thing is interesting, because, when you’re as tall as I am, clothes (and shoes!) take up a lot of space… For a week, I can just about manage hand luggage if I try really hard, but it’s pushing it.

    Now go eat that cinnamon scroll!


    PS You’ve made me really hungry now…

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