How to get back to me

How to get back to me

Well that has been an insane few weeks. Five countries, eight flights, too many early starts and a little bit of heartache thrown in. I have been pushing myself far past what I should have, and as a result have cold after cold after cold. But now I’m back, back in London, back in my flat, back to pre-Christmas and friends and celebrations, back to me. I’m home for a whole month before I head back to my other home for Christmas with my family. After such a crazy time at work my number one priority has been to get back to ‘me’ as quickly as possible, so I can enjoy life before more travel hits. Since you guys always ask me for the seemingly boring details of my life, here is how I get back on track as quickly as possible.

I arrived back from Tokyo on Friday at 2pm, and even though it was a 12 hour flight on the oldest 777 I have seen in a while (seriously British Airways sort your shit out) I managed to sleep for a good portion of it thanks to getting no sleep while I was in Japan and a friendly sleeping pill. So although I had the usual ‘feel like I’m swimming through treacle’ after a long haul flight thing, it wasn’t too hard to stay up for the rest of the day and head to bed at a normal time. I made the incredible decision to do an online shop while I was in Tokyo (can we all stop to ponder how amazing it is that I can do a supermarket shop from half way across the world) and it arrived around an hour after I got home. Sometimes I am shocked by my own forethought.

It has been so long since I have had fresh vegetables in my fridge, even the act of packing away food made me feel more human & permanent than I had in weeks. Once I had made the all-important cup of tea (with the milk the internet had just delivered) I unpacked. I never thought I would be the sort of person that unpacked the second she got home (normally I favour the ‘leave the suitcase half open in the corner for a week’ approach), but my god it really is the only way to expedite getting back to normal. So I fully unpacked for the first time in what felt like forever, put all my laundry in the hamper to deal with later and made myself a salmon stir fry. Which I only mention because I don’t actually like salmon. Apparently Tokyo-kiwi thought that salmon was a good idea. Eh. It tasted like fish.

Step two on my ‘me’ plan was Saturday where I woke up, cleaned my coffee maker (apparently you need to de-scale it once a year…I was only two years late with that), sat down with a banana and raspberry smoothie, paid my council tax and had a pressure free look at social media. I say pressure free, when I was in my permanent jetlagged, living out of a suitcase state, I was using social media as a mindless, time delaying scroll. Flicking from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram and back again to distract me from how sad I was feeling. But now, back in my home, surrounded by expensive candles (why the fuck do I spend so much on something you burn?) I was actually enjoying interacting again. Enjoying feeling surrounded by my online friends.

And then just to show how far I have come in my almost five years in London I went to hang with some actual real life friends (most of whom I met on the internet, but shush we won’t mention that here because I’m trying to prove a point or something).

Now it is Sunday and I have made muffins (my mums famous banana & blueberry recipe that I loose each time and have to text her to send me AGAIN, FOR THE HUNDRETH TIME). I made muffins, ate half the batter and downed it with two coffees. I watched a terrible Colin Firth movie where his love interest was Emma Stone (he is LITERALLY twice her age, I mean a girl can make her own choices in life but to go from Ryan Gosling to Firth is a bit of a fuck you ageist Hollywood moment), did some washing and I even got out of my pajamas.

And in the ultimate ‘me’ moment, I wrote this ramble. Hi team 🙂

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  1. Bless. This sounds like my life except I’m missing the kick-ass apartment and I live outside of London (hello 30 minutes door-to-door, Heathrow tarmac to home). Hashtag Kiwis. Hashtag work travel.

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