The ‘moving to London’ things you are overthinking

Overthinking London

Early next year a new wave of Kiwis will invade the UK. In the expat sense, not in the Game of Thrones (this entire hemisphere is the North) sense. This means that right now hundreds of Kiwis are sitting at home stressing about if they have made the right decision and overthinking every little thing. To help you newbies out below are the top three that almost-expats overthink before the big move. I know it is slightly impossible but try not to worry, London is going to happen to you weather you like it or not. Just relax and enjoy the ride.

Where to live

This is the one people overthink the most, and it is the one that just completely resolves itself when you arrive. Kiwis in London tend to fall into an area to live in based on one of the following:

  1. Where they happen to get a job
  2. Where they happen to get a flat
  3. Where they get lost on a night out and think ‘oh this area could be fun’

If you are really worried about moving into the wrong place just make sure you either do a short term let when you first arrive (I got a flat for two months) so you can try it out, or make sure your flat has a 6 month break clause in the lease. The only thing that you really need to consider in terms of where you live are transport options; so how long will it take you to get into central and how much will it cost (download CityMapper to work it out). Other than that STOP OVERTHINKING IT.

Do I have enough money

I think this is the number one concern of everyone living in London, no matter how long they have been here. London has a way of sucking up all your money, leaving you gasping before payday. Pretty much the only way to escape this is if you are in a couple and your rent is halved (given the quality of the guys in London, I would choose poverty). The major consequence of not having saved enough when you first move over is that you have to lower your job standards to get through. It absolutely should not stop you moving, many a Kiwi has got a job washing dishes to tide them over until the dream office admin job came along.

I am going to be a totally different person

No, sadly you are not. You are still going to be ‘you’; the same wallflower with a love of sleep-ins and habit of eating the entire packet of biscuits when you intended to just have one. What does happen is that you are away from all your patterns, all those mindless easy ways of living. Thrown out of your comfort zone you have a chance to re-assess what is important to you, and try the things you have always wished you were brave enough to do – just don’t be surprised if you still end up eating the packet of biscuits after all your bravery.

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