Things I never expected to see on the tube


The miraculous thing about the London Underground is that you are never the weirdest person. You can be in any state of walk of shame and there will always be that person a few seats away who after a quick mental comparison makes you feel like Anna Wintour. I have had so many weird tube experiences over the years that I thought it was about time for a post of its own. Please PLEASE comment below or tweet me with your unexpected tube moments, I could do with a laugh.

  • Old man with a full sized green parrot on his shoulder
  • An argument ending in one half of the couple getting off at Temple demanding a divorce
  • Awesome girl who was able to do even winged eyeliner AND fake lashes on the District Line
  • Santa kissing Captain America
  • Banker in a suit eating a full English on the Jubilee Line
  • A man stood at the end of the carriage casually wet himself while reading the adverts
  • Little girl handing out flowers on the Central Line
  • Hen party dressed as Harry Potter characters
  • A teenage boy trying to be cool and dropping his phone down the gap
  • Pidgeon getting on at Liverpool Street and off at Kings Cross

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