Take the Life in the UK test, will you get deported?


As you know (because I have no filter and you read my blog) I passed my Life in the UK test a few weeks ago and then cried in a Disney movie. I have raged about the content of the test to every person I have met recently so I decided to create my own and see how many of you would be able to pass. Check out the video below to take the test (all questions that could actually be asked in the real Life in the UK quiz) and then click the link at the bottom for the answers. No cheating please and don’t forget to comment below or tweet me with your scores!

Remember, there are 24 questions and if you don’t get at least 18 right you will be deported…no pressure!



Author: runawaykiwi

7 thoughts on “Take the Life in the UK test, will you get deported?

  1. I’m American and only got one! I It was when did women get the same voting rights as women and I know this because I literally just finished a book called Radio Girls that talks about it.

  2. Oh my gosh. I got 2 out of 24! I’m Canadian and hoping to pass this test in a few years..and now I want to weep lol. I think the actual test has multiple choices right? right? aaaaaaahhh

  3. Maybe 3 – the Newton one, the year women could vote and Alfred. What was funny was how wildly wrong some of my answers were: pig breeds instead of forts, for example. You did well.

  4. Ahhh my husband did this a few years ago and I felt the ridiculous rage then. He literally covered a wall of our flat with battle dates and facts about dog registration.. We have no dog. At least it was multiple choice.

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