The best break-in ever

Cat Space duvet cover

I never thought I would be writing about a break-in. Well, I hoped I would never be. And I seriously never thought I would be writing about a break-in in such loving and overwhelmed tones. But here we are. I have ‘returned to London’ countless* times, and it’s always a little weird. Coming home to a lifeless flat, looking around wondering what to do next to pick up where you left off. But when I walked through the door last weekend it was different. I had been away for a month between holiday in Auckland and work in Chicago and while I was away someone had broken into my flat.

Normally that would be a bad thing. A very not ok thing. A crying as soon as you walk through the door thing. This was not that.

My flight from Chicago was delayed by three hours right from the start and when we were finally on our way we took off in snow clouds, and then arrived in London to more snow clouds. Cue a very bumpy flight and a very overtired Rebecca that finally arrived home. At first when I finally arrived home and walked through the door my flat looked totally normal. But then I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

My duvet was covered in cat astronauts.

Yes, while I was away someone had broken into my flat and changed my duvet cover.

At some point over Christmas I had a twitter conversation with Emma about the duvet in question. She sent me a link to it and I instantly fell in love because A) Cats B) Space. I quickly forgot about the conversation, but Emma, Emma got to plotting. She ordered the duvet online (George at Asda if you want one yourself) and roped in Lex who has a key to my flat. They broke in, made my bed and gave me the best space cat based surprise ever.

I am really glad that Emma and Lex didn’t figure out how to rig up a camera (apparently they did try) because I pretty much turned hysterical when I saw it. I veered so quickly between crying and laughing (the lack of sleep helped with this) that if anyone had been able to see it would have been concerning rather than delightful.

I just had so much emotion, what an unbelievably lovely thing for my friends to do. It made coming back to London a completely different experience – from cold and empty to hella full of friendship. Girls, you can break into my flat any time.


*Ok not countless. 38 times in the last 5 years.

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  1. Oh my god this is brilliant. And that duvet cover… (also, the pillows. lmao. And the fuzzy throw. I am in love with your bed. Is that weird?)

    Emma, feel free to break into my flat anytime 😉

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