Tiny insignificant details you don’t know about me

  1. I spoke with a British accent when I was a toddler for no apparent reason
  2. Endless walking is where I get my best ideas
  3. I go through 4 pints of milk in a week
  4. Cotton Candy grapes and flatto Peaches are my favourite seasonal fruits
  5. Watching Disney parks vlogs is my easy wind down
  6. I once made a hovercraft for a school project and a miniature trebuchet just for fun
  7. I avoid popping candy, burpees and sunlight glinting off cars because they all make me feel like I’m having a migraine
  8. I hate surprises, I read all the spoilers before I go to a movie (Game of Thrones was the dream scenario)
  9. Pikelets (mini pancakes to you non-kiwis) are my ennui food, and I make it with the measuring cup I stole from my Mum
  10. I am very easily scared by people coming around a corner too fast

Author: runawaykiwi

2 thoughts on “Tiny insignificant details you don’t know about me

  1. Totally stealing this idea for a blog post 😉

    “sunlight glinting off cars” – same here! Also clothing with very intricate patterns. Especially houndstooth. Ugh.

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