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I really like reading behind the scenes from small business ventures so I thought it might be interesting to give you a little Zeal & Heart update. It’s now been four months since I decided to take the risk and import an engraving machine, and thankfully I still think it’s a good idea. I mean I’m slightly sick of having a heart attack every time I look at my bank account, but I am glad I went ahead with Zeal & Heart.

One of the biggest learnings was around photography. Turns out I have chosen to manufacture the hardest product to photograph imaginable. Seriously, the pendants are tiny and reflective why did no one warn me? After three photo shoots with mixed results (I liked the overall composition but it was impossible to see the pendants) I did some investigating and found a somewhat affordable lens for my Olympus Pen camera. There are two lenses for the Pen if you want to shoot Macro the 60mm which is £429 and the brand new 30mm which is £249. I think the 60mm is better if you want to photograph actual bugs, but it was way out of my price range (and I have mixed feelings about bugs). The new 30mm however turns out to be perfect for my Zeal & Heart needs, and since I found a 25% off code on Twitter (there are a few floating around) I got it down to £188. It took my bank balance into an even more unfriendly place, but the improvement in product photos I think is worth it.

The second big change around these parts is around the social media. Notice a marked improvement in the last couple of weeks? Yeah, that has nothing to do with me. Over Easter I went out for brunch with Jacintha and she told me about the ‘4 hour work week’ book by Timothy Ferriss, it sounded interesting so right there at the brunch table in New Zealand I ordered it on Amazon. That book is still sitting on my shelf looking at me, I haven’t even cracked the spine. But the concept got me thinking enough about the bits of business I am good at and the bits that I’m not, and thinking about the parts of Zeal & Heart that I enjoy (I seriously need to read the book). The social media side of business I find really interesting from a dork point of view, but I could not think of anything worse than actually scheduling the posts or having a content strategy. Enter Emma stage left. Around the same time as I started Zeal & Heart Emma started her own Social Media consultancy business, and let me tell you in two weeks she has done a better job across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook than I could have done in a lifetime. If you have a small business and suck at the social media give Emma a shout.

The last thing I have done was get a consulting session with Jasmine to talk about my Etsy strategy. I had no idea that Etsy was essentially a giant search engine, and without optimising the dreaded SEO I wasn’t going to get far. I think my biggest lesson with this business game is that I don’t know it all and reaching out to far more knowledgeable friends will hopefully kick it in the ass. Jasmine thankfully got me drunk before even broaching the topic of SEO, and even then lead into it gently with small words and big pictures. That girl knows her shit and knows how to simplify it all down to my level.

Last but not least I have a big announcement! I get the absolute privilege of letting you know about the first Zeal & Heart collaboration is with the one and only Laura Jane Williams from Superlatively Rude. Laura is a twice published author, former Grazia columnist and the ultimate in Instagram Stories entertainment. Laura is joining Zeal & Heart for a limited edition ‘Zeal & Heart ft Laura Jane Williams’ pendant featuring the epic phrase “none of us is fucking up like we think we are”. As always the design is limited edition and only 250 will be made, they go on sale at 6pm tonight so get in quick.

Shoot me any Z&H questions you have, I will give you another update shortly.

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5 thoughts on “Zeal & Heart update

  1. Loved this little insight! I had been wondering how you’d gone about making them… I’ve been looking for a little venture for well over a year and jewellery/art is something I’ve heavily considered. Great recommendations girl and LOVING the collaborative pendant.

  2. Hey, I’ve photographed _ a lot _ of jewellery for work. I’d recommend getting yourself one of these little photography tents: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Neewer%C2%AE-Shooting-Diffusion-Backdrops-Photography/dp/B008DRDICE/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1506527382&sr=1-4&keywords=light+cube+tent

    It’s very bank account friendly and it really really really helps cut down on all the dark reflections from far corners of your room.

    No, I don’t sell them, and I’ve not given you an affiliate link or anything shifty like that, I just find them useful as fuck (and blogging means I now feel the need to put a disclaimer on everything) ?

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