My 2018 bucket list

This year felt like the year I put my life on hold, it moved both at a snails pace and also in the blink of an eye. So I thought it was time to get my planning on for 2018, and since all the cool kids are writing bucket lists I thought I would jump on the bucket-wagon. Without further ado I give you my 2018 bucket list.

Classic red bucket

You can’t go past a classic. This is the bucket of my childhood, perfect for washing clothes on camping trips, throwing up in when sick and of course holding miscellaneous pegs. I was surprised you could still get these to be honest, I thought they would come with wifi now.

Harrods bucket

Sometimes I think we are all equal, then I find Harrods selling a £400 silver plated ice bucket. It’s not that I begrudge anyone a £400 silver plated ice bucket it’s just I can’t help but wonder what it feels like to be the person to receive it as a Christmas present. Surely it would have to be the main present (I question the world if it is a stocking stuffer), but what does it say when your friends/family get you a bucket for Christmas?

Galvanised Pail

This is the one that we think of as an ‘olden days’ bucket, you know the ones you see in the barn weddings on Pinterest. Although by the reviews maybe the olden days weren’t so good “No good whatsoever”, “BEWARE”, “I am annoyed that the bucket is not as described”.

Collapsible buckets

These are the buckets of the future, the buckets we could only dream of: a bucket that collapses! I can only imagine these are for that oft hoped for situation when the local gin distillery explodes and you have seconds to grab your collapsible bucket from your handbag and collect drops of ambrosia from the sky.

Skull ice bucket

If you are a goth being forced into a silver and white Christmas theme by your family then this is the solution you have been looking for. I vote for adding a couple of ice cubes made entirely of red food colouring, so that as it all starts to melt it looks like it’s bleeding. I’m totally normal I swear.

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