Month: September 2018

The Runawaykiwi Empire

Happy Birthday Zeal & Heart

It is Zeal & Heart’s first birthday! Oh how time flies when you spend your evenings hunched over an engraving machine. Zeal and Heart is my business baby; I started Z&H wanting to not only make money from it, but also to be nice and creative and steal as much of my own product as […]

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Coffee and food

How to get a seat in a cafe in London

My favourite time in London is 9:30am on a Saturday or Sunday. On a weekday London at 9:30am would be hyper-charged with men in suits, meandering tourists and walkers whose pace is a fraction too slow. But at the weekend, the streets of central London are empty. So empty in fact you would be forgiven […]

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Getting a bit philosophical

The selfish adventures

I have had an excellent 2018 so far. I mean, not right now, right now I’m finally starting to get better after a three week long cold that made me resemble a 90’s Nickelodeon slime machine. But before the cold I was loving this year. I decided in January that this was my year of […]

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