The selfish adventures

I have had an excellent 2018 so far. I mean, not right now, right now I’m finally starting to get better after a three week long cold that made me resemble a 90’s Nickelodeon slime machine. But before the cold I was loving this year. I decided in January that this was my year of living selfishly. I would do what I wanted when I wanted and make sure ‘fun’ and ‘happy’ were top priority.

I know what you are thinking, I live by myself and have no kids so isn’t living selfishly the status quo? I tend to prioritise work then hustle and then everything else floating murkily underneath. In 2018 I flipped that on its head.

This year I have taken two kick ass holidays. Proper holidays. Where you go to a far flung location and don’t check your work emails for the entire time you are there (Disney World and Tour Du Mt Blanc if you were curious). I have been to my favourite comedy night (on a school night!) numerous times and laughed so hard it was almost to the point of hysteria. I’ve been to dinners, shows, walked the length of the Thames more times than I wanted to, a sad amount of escape rooms, and had a few cocktails here and there.

An annoying side effect of this selfish adventure has been the blog decaying in a corner, every so often whimpering for attention. But I want to get creative again, I want to spend some time playing with the internet.

All that to say…I’m back baby.

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  1. Sad to hear about your cold but seriously a holiday like you had can make anyone refreshed. I always love to be on vacation where i can spend some stress free moments. Thanks for motivating me.

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