Happy Birthday Zeal & Heart

It is Zeal & Heart’s first birthday! Oh how time flies when you spend your evenings hunched over an engraving machine. Zeal and Heart is my business baby; I started Z&H wanting to not only make money from it, but also to be nice and creative and steal as much of my own product as I want. Seriously, imagine a world where you can engrave yourself a new necklace every day?

Starting your own business is a bit of a mind fuck. I find myself comparing what I do to businesses with 20+ employees – and then beating myself up because I can’t do it as well or don’t have the reach that they do. When you set up something by yourself you have to be all things; finance, logistics, customer service, marketing and design. And most importantly you have to be your own HR department, giving yourself a balanced performance review every so often instead of only seeing the extremes.

Side note: I just purchased an address label maker and it has changed my life. I didn’t know this level of satisfaction existed in the world.

I am still outsourcing the parts of the business that I don’t have the patience for – if you see any good stuff on Pinterest that is down to Lex, on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram that is all Emma, and of course it is Beverley that sends out my monthly newsletter (which you should all subscribe to BTW). If you are thinking about your own side hustle I can’t recommend working with these girls enough – it makes running a side business far more achievable when you work with good people.

I sure as hell ain’t perfect – for example I have had 150 longer chains sitting in the stock room for about 6 months now, but I have some sort of mental block about listing them on the site. But the best part of Zeal & Heart is that I call all the shots and I get to release beautiful, honest jewellery out into the world every day.

Anyway, like all millennial princesses Zeal and Heart is celebrating it’s first birthday with a birthday week. This is in part to launch our new website (www.zealandheart.com) but also as a thankyou for all of your support over the last year. Last night we kicked off the birthday week with 50% off all of our swear word pendants when you use the code HAPPYFUCKINGBIRTHDAY (only when purchased through the website, not the Etsy store).

Some of the other treats to keep an eye out for are:

– Custom pendants for £30

– Lucky dip pendants where we will select your perfect engraving based on your star sign, first pets name and what you want to be when you grow up

– A super special courage offer

Thank you for your love

Rebecca xx

Author: runawaykiwi