Visiting Fulham Market Hall

One of the greatest joys in my life is that every so often cafes and restaurants ask if I want to try their food. What do I love? Brunch. What do I really love? Free brunch. Anyway – that is to say that Fulham Market Hall asked if I wanted to come and try their new brunch and I jumped at the chance. Not literal jumping…I have issues with energy at the moment which I will save for a different post.

Without telling you where I live…I can say that it is completely the opposite side of London to Fulham. However the very first thing I wanted to do when I got off the flight from Delhi (oh yeah…did I tell you I went to India for work recently?) is brunch myself silly. So I planned my trek, podcasts were downloaded and pre-game coffee had been drunk – and then it was time to walk and tube and tube and bus and walk across London all in the hopes of avocado on toast.

The great thing about Fulham Market Hall is it, as the name suggests, is a covered market with about ten different food places to choose from. If you have a big group of friends (lol, I don’t have friends clearly, I was solo brunching but I appreciated the range of choices) it would be a great place to meet so everyone can choose the food that calls to their heart.

Previously Fulham Market Hall has been a lunch/dinner place but when I visited there were four stalls offering brunch. Although I was tempted by the BBQ offering at Hotbox, post-‘nothing but curry for 8 days’ me decided to stick with tradition and go for poached eggs with bacon and avocado on toast with a flat white or two to wash it all down. I am not sure why there were flowers on the plate…but you know anything for that Instagram shot.

Fulham Market Hall is totally worth the effort if you are looking for all the variation of a market, but with the benefit of nice tables and being inside. I wish it was closer to me so I could make it a regular haunt, but for now it will be on my radar if I am ever in the area.

Thanks for having me Fulham Market!

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  1. Oh that’s not too far from me! Next time you fancy a West London trek we should go for brunch and then back to mine and you can finally meet the cat 😉

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