To share or not to share

Am I rusty? Irrelevant? Busy? Bored?

One blog post so far this year, 8-ish last year and before that a possible career worth of blog posts.

I can’t quite put my finger on what changed, or to be more accurate I can put too many fingers on what has changed in my life and the world to stop me blogging regularly. Should I list them? Is that how blogging used to be, a good old listicle?

  1. I have other priorities, I would far rather spend time with my husband than in endless ego-fluffing blog posts (the problem that he may or may not be my husband we will save for another day).
  2. In 2018 – 2020 I put my energy into hobbies that made me money without my face or personality having to front it, hello to Zeal & Heart which made all my e-commerce dreams come true (currently on hold while I try to get to NZ)
  3. The blogging world from a few years ago all started to feel a little icky to me, with sponsored posts, styled flat-lays and Instagram taking the main focus. Whereas I am more on the baring my soul, making sense out of chaos and swearing a bit (ok, a lot) kind of vibes.
  4. Blogs are going extinct-ish? I don’t think anyone reads these any more, Instagram and TickTok appear to be the main focus. And I don’t have the patience or inclination to figure out how to play those algorithms.
  5. Writing in a public forum hits differently in your 30’s compared to your 20’s. I no longer have that burning desire to make my mark on the world – just to sink back in a comfy chair with a cup of tea. And the more I progress career wise the consequences of being so public with your brain are greater. Not in terms of ‘getting in trouble’, but just as you start to manage teams, you don’t necessarily want to give them open access to your every thought.
  6. My interests and friends have changed in 8 years (thank god, growth is a beautiful thing). I don’t really care about finding the latest cafe or coolest hidden spot, I want old favourites and friends who you turn off your phone for.
  7. The last two years have been *interesting* personally. I fell in love, got sick which wiped out 6 months of my life, got engaged and did a whirlwind round of meeting the parents, planned to move to NZ and then…2020.

Anyway. All that is to say I am currently in Lithuania for a few months, and I don’t have a job at the moment AND I have a whole lot I want to unpack for myself from the last few months. So, blog posts are a coming.

In my usual style they will be personal and largely irrelevant, but I’m looking forward to having this bit of connection again.

No promises, and all the love,


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