Privacy Policy

So you have decided to read the Privacy Policy…

First I really need to make sure you are ok, you know…in yourself. You have made it to an expat travel blog, where the writer lives in one of the most exciting cities in the world, and you have decided to spend your time reading a privacy policy. If that is not a cry for help I don’t know what is.

If you are here because you are totally amped on GDPR and are curious about the Privacy Policy of a small blog then the short of it is: This is a blog and I’m a blogger. I need external validation (you know, for when Tinder matches just don’t cut it) so this website gathers page view data and other usage stats for me to look at; but all the data is combined so I can’t see individual users.

If you are so overexcited by the beauty of London that you need some help getting to sleep then read on for all the Privacy goodness.

Who am I?

Just guess (I always dreamed of starting my Privacy Policy with a Bring It On reference). This part is like those awkward networking events so lets get it out of the way quickly…this is the Privacy Policy for a blog run by Rebecca (me…hi).

What data do I collect?

Not much TBH. I do collect white ceramic animals, but that is normally something I only tell you after I’ve slept with you twice. The only real data collection is in the comments section. I love when you comment on my posts, it makes me feel like spending six years of my life writing a blog wasn’t entirely wasted. When you comment I get to see your beautifully crafted comment, your name (real or fake #youdoyou), your IP address and your email address – only the comment and name is visible to the public. The only time I have used the IP address info is when a creepy guy was leaving comments under two different names, but since I could see the IP address was the same I knew both were him and I could block away. I can’t imagine any other reason for using the IP/email data and I would never share this with a third party, but if it freaks you out then don’t comment. Maybe train a badger to waddle to me with a message instead.


I estimate I have accepted I have accepted 7,118 cookie policies throughout my lifetime and I still don’t know what they do. I am going to assume that you don’t either and have been blindly accepting cookies over the years in the hope that someone will follow through and actually give you a tasty chocolate filled cookie. Well, don’t you worry I have done the research for you. Essentially a cookie is a little text file (the cookie) that gets downloaded to your computer when you visit a website. Then when you visit again the website knows it’s you and can help to personalise your experience. I aint that forking fancy, I only have cookies that tell me which pages you are visiting and even then all the data is aggregated so I don’t know it is you. Cookies make the world better and easier to use, but are also low level stalker. Decide for yourself if you trust our capitalist overloads with the overall cookie system…I just like to know that people sometimes read the Fresh Prince theme tune remake on my ‘About Me’ page.

Bonus Privacy Policy fact: It is called a cookie because like a fortune cookie it comes with a hidden message inside.


I paid a smart dude to make my blog as secure as possible, and I will continue to pay an expert to do this for me every year because my eye starts to go twitchy when I try it myself. I make all my best effort to keep that shit tight, but I am just a runawaykiwi lost in London by myself figuring it out as I go. If it makes you feel any better I forgot my password for about a month last year and even I couldn’t get in. And if I am ever blogging from cafes I make sure to never leave my back end unattended.

Facebook is creepy

I do sometimes run adverts through Facebook, for this I select audiences based on age, country and if you like coffee, cats and gin. If it looks like my blog posts are stalking you across the internet then this is the only reason why. This is all covered by Facebooks terms of use (yes, that one you didn’t read a single word of) and is as creepy as a creepy thing, but you did agree to it. I don’t think there is much you can do to avoid this aside from moving to the Isle of Skye and living off grid (other remote islands are available…but you may need to Google to find them…which will put you even further into the creepy internet tracking world…three years later and you will still be getting adverts for ‘remote island escapes’).

Zeal & Heart

I run a jewellery business that I quite often link to from this blog, because I am trying to sell you things. I know it is totally separate from the blog (and therefore not covered by this clusterfuck of a Privacy Policy) but I wanted to make you as aware of everything as I can. Currently Zeal and Heart is run through Etsy, and the mailing list is through Mail Chimp. If you are still hungry for GDPR nonsense after this policy you can head over to those respective companies to check theirs out. Oh and feel free to look at the Zeal & Heart pendants while you are there.


Well, we can breath a collective sigh of relief. You can now head to the interesting parts of my blog to discover how to survive London as an expat, where to go for the best brunches in London and to read about that time I accidentally found myself surrounded by chocolate unmentionables in Paris. Its been a wild ride, thanks for sticking with me.

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy of Runawaykiwi please email me and I will do my best to hastily Google a response.