Solve the puzzle, save the world, leave the flat.

You are the brave Princess Unicorn Fart-Face the third, next in line to the Popcorn throne, Mother of Dalgona, fighter of dust, winner of hearts. You have now been trapped in your small London flat for 57 days, and to be honest things are getting a little weird.

On your weekly trip to the fridge to feed your sourdough starter, you found the below note taped to the bag of spinach that you optimistically purchased in week two when you were still doing yoga every day and posting inspirational memes on Instagram.

“Princess Unicorn Fart-Face III, you are our only hope. There is a cure for plague currently ravaging the land, but it was mistakenly hidden somewhere in your flat because the government gave really vague instructions about what we were meant to do with it. Please Princess Unicorn Fart-Face III, solve the clues and find the cure”

Just as you finished reading the note it melted into a bubbling pond of pink goo. Standing in your pyjamas in complete shock, you shake your horny head and wonder what the hell that was all about.

Then you hear the sound of a quacking duck. It is your phone, showing the below image. You grab yourself a cup of tea and settle down to save the world.

You are looking for a 6 letter code, click HERE to guess. (Answer in all caps)