It’s finally time to announce my first secret project…I launched an app! It’s been a long time coming but you can finally have me in your pocket all day long (in the least creepy way possible). What is this app I hear you cry? Well, one of the most requested things is for me to put all my coffee, brunch and things to do recommendations on a map, with this app I’ve been able to do one better.

My London by Runawaykiwi is like having a know it all friend ready and waiting to introduce you to this crazy city. Once you download it you will find such delights as:

  • A just arrived in London survival guide for when you need to register with a doctor, buy furniture for the flat or you just want to make friends
  • Links to my latest blog posts
  • Coffee recommendations based on years of hard research
  • A ‘freaking out’ section for when you are at your lowest and just need someone to tell you it will all be ok
  • And of course, if you are in the middle of London and have a brunch emergency, it will tell you where near you does a Runawaykiwi approved brunch

The reason I wanted to create an app is for me five years ago. That curly haired innocent kiwi trying to decide what was good or not based on anonymous London reviews. All I wanted was for someone I trusted to tell me if I was going to be wasting my time. Yes I could spend endless hour’s googling for cafes or things to do, but it was really hit and miss depending on the person recommending it. Well, you know me (after 700+ posts probably better than I know myself) and hopefully trust my version of London.

It’s taken me about six months to get it to where it is today so I am slightly freaking out at the thought of people actually using my little old app. I’m sure there will be some teething problems, but please shout if there is anything I can do better.

At the moment only the iTunes version is up and running because I am in the middle of an argument with Google. Fingers crossed the Android one launches as soon as possible, I will blog about it as soon as I hear anything back from the Big G.

This is the first time I have done anything like this, so let me know what you think! You can search the app store for ‘My London by Runawaykiwi’ or click this link: Take me to the app store

YPlan App


I have a favourite new app. YPlan came into my life after I read about it on This City Life London, it intrigued me enough to try it for myself.

If you break it down to bare bones, it is an app that lists about 10 things going on in London tonight and tomorrow night. They are the smaller comedy shows, theatre performances, gigs and foodie events that you never normally hear about. Not only do you get to hear about these fun events, but the majority of them are under £10, which makes them perfect for a spontaneous night.

To add to the spontaneity, you pay for your ticket just by clicking a button on the app, so there is no time for your brain to come up with all those crap excuses (e.g. I’m really tired after a long week at work and I have about a million blog posts to write).

I think where YPlan differs to all those deal websites like Last Minute etc, is that it is really simple. There are only a few shows and only for tonight and tomorrow so you don’t get overwhelmed by all the things you should be seeing. Is is also requires active participation by YOU. You are the one who has to open the app, and if you have opened it obviously your brain is telling you to go and do something. Completely different from the hundreds of deal emails that clog up your inbox every day.

If I haven’t convinced you, download YPlan and use the rewards code “runawayk” – you will get £7 to try something out yourself.