Dear Richard Branson

Dear Richard Branson I hope you are well and Necker Island is not too hot this time of year. I am writing to inform you of an unfortunate incident and to ask for your help in preventing such heart breaking problems in future. First things first, I love your airline. Your planes are new, big and […]

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Things to do in London

Runawaykiwi gets a wee bit Cheeky

  Out of the blue my sister and I both had the same Friday off work, but what to do? We tried madly to think of a new cafe to try, or treat to consume but came up with nothing. Then I got a mysterious text telling me that she had a brilliant idea and […]

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Coffee and food

Motivation Monday – the cool things from Pinterest edition

I heart Pinterest. It is one of the best ways to find new recipes, craft ideas and handbags that I can’t afford. So for this Motivation Monday, I thought I would bring you five of my favourite pins. 1. Anything from The Beauty Department – they have some of the best make-up and hair tips & they use lots […]

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Three things from the Body Shop that every girl needs to own

Three of my favourite beauty products are from the Body Shop. They have changed my life to such an extent that I just have to share. First up is the Skin Primer – Matte It Put this on after your moisturiser but before foundation and it will stop your make-up sliding off your face. Seriously, […]

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