Getting a bit philosophical

Should I be panicking?

I turn 29 in a few days. This is the traditional age, according to Marian Keyes and Bridget Jones, that I should be starting to panic. Panic about sorting my life out, meeting the man of my dreams (I dream about Gouda chasing me), and having babies. Or failing that just a general existential panic […]

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Getting a bit philosophical

Well fuck, I’m 28.

By the time you read this I will be 28. I am quite looking forward to being 28, it seems like it is going to be a good year. After being told that “your school years are the best of your life” and “you early twenties are the best years of your life” I have […]

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Coffee and food

Afternoon tea at the Modern Pantry

Birthdays are tricky in London. You don’t really want to give anything that can’t be packed into a suitcase and you want it to be special, something they would not buy for themselves. One of my best friends cracked the London birthday code and started the tradition of giving an afternoon tea. Rules are that […]

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Motivation Monday
The Runawaykiwi Empire

Motivation Monday – the shameless self promotion edition

Top ten reasons why you should buy one of these delightful pendants: 1. You love travel and jewellery 2. Your best friend/sister/daughter/local MP/mother/wife/girlfriend loves travel and jewellery 3. Because small enterprises are the only way to get the economy out of recession 4. They are made from sterling silver so you will treasure it forever 5. […]

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