Getting a bit philosophical

50 things Boris Johnson could have done to prove his penis was bigger than David Cameron’s without fucking the economy.

Hi Boris I know you and DC have had a bit of a rivalry since Eton. You were Mayor of London, Dave got Prime Minister. You downed a magnum of Champagne at a Bullingdon party, Dave put his junk in a pig. I get it, we’ve all been there. Healthy competition between young rapscallions such […]

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Read this is if #Brexit has left you in a world you don’t like

Well, this has been an interesting few days hasn’t it? In New Zealand when we do referendums it is about fun things like flags and only the graphic designers get angry, in the UK referendums apparently cause the apocalypse. Those that voted stay feel like they are surrounded by idiot racists, and those that voted […]

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