The Depressed Cake Shop

I am forever grateful to be growing up now. Yes, us modern kids have to put up with the endless recession, global warming and the constant threat of being compared to Lindsay Lohan but the positives blow all that out of the water. There has never been so much acceptance on all fronts, people are fighting for and winning  the equality battle; gay couples can legally get married, smart women are #shoutingback to drown out the trolls and mental illness is talked about and accepted.

All of this was emphasised when I was walking down Brick Lane today and I came across the Depressed Cake Shop. It is a pop-up bakery to raise money and awareness for mental illness. All of the delicious looking cakes and other sweet treats are grey, to emphasis the grey funk that is depression and mental illness.

While grey food isn’t normally something you would reach for, in The Depressed Cake shop it is all the rage. But what was even better than the delicious sweet things was the way that the cafe was packed full of people comfortably talking about mental illness. Something that was previously at best hushed up and at worst condemned is in 2013 something to be talked about over cake.

We truly live in miraculous times.



The Depressed Cake Shop


I love art. I love food. I love fashion. If you feel the same, you have to try the fashion afternoon tea at The Berkeley.

The entire afternoon tea was inspired by the Spring/Summer 2012 collections of some of the worlds top designers. My favourite was the coloured mouse with Lemon meringue which drew its looks from a summer Mulberry dress. Some of the other treats:

And it is all served on beautiful Paul Smith china.

Top Tip #1: if you finish your treats you can always ask for refills, they keep bringing you cakes until you could simply burst.

Top Tip #2: get one of the special fruit teas, they are dried fruit that you put in your cup and pour boiling water over. The fruit infuses the water with stunning flavour, and you can eat the fruit at the end.



Welsh cakes are a bit like flat scones cooked on a frying pan. They make an amazing treat that keeps for about a week, perfect to take to work. My main issue with them is that they are not super healthy i.e. they contain hideous amounts of butter. So I decided to experiment and try to cut out the fat – recipe below.

1 cup flour

1tbsp brown sugar

1tsp baking powder

1/2tsp of baking soda

1tsp mixed spice

1/2cup raisins

100g of buttermilk

To make, sift all the dry ingredients into a bowl then add the raisins. Add the buttermilk and combine until it forms a dough. Roll out the dough and use a round cookie cutter to cut out the shapes. Cook in a frying pan on a medium heat until they puff up a little and are a nice golden brown colour.

To serve, have them with some fresh fruit, I chose raspberries (or if you don’t really give a damn, go crazy and have them with cream and jam)

Enjoy xx