Things to do in London

The weekends I’ve been too embarrassed to tell my co-workers about.

There are few certainties in life. One of the only ones I have found, is that in a UK office the very first Monday morning interaction with your co-worker will be a comment about how hot/cold/grey/wet the weather is, followed shortly by “how was your weekend”. Normally this polite inquiry can be answered with a highlights […]

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15 things I learned when eating a 15 course Christmas lunch

1. Having our traditional Christmas morning breakfast before attempting the 15 courses may not have been the smartest thing we have ever done. Although when offered home made panettone with roasted nectarines, mascarpone and a side of champagne you can’t really say no.   2. Getting drunk-spired (drunk + inspired = drunk-spired) on Christmas Eve is ideal […]

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Street art and galleries in London
Things to do in London

Utterly outraged at Brick Lane Zoo

  I honestly can’t believe that a place like Brick Lane Zoo is still allowed to operate. It’s in the middle of the East End – just off the busy, noisy and dirty Brick Lane. The cage is cramped and is a far cry from the modern (read: spacious, and as close to the animals […]

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Getting crafty

runawaykiwi is moving

Today I am moving – not a big move, just a mini one from Zone3 to Zone1. So in lieu of a proper post, here is a picture of a jumper that I need.

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