Dragon street art in Florence

Being a young person sucks. I mean yes you get a 10% discount on ASOS and apparently you get taught contouring in school; but by and large it is a time full of turmoil, heartache and trying to figure out just exactly who you are. You have followed four years of my ups and downs, and that is me with a backing of a supportive family and two degrees under my belt. Imagine then what it is like for kids that are vulnerable, are homeless or in care.

Thankfully the Princes Trust exists to support them. The Princes Trust helps kids aged between 9 and 30 (yes I consider 30 to be a kid, I’m 28 and milking it as long as possible) get into higher education and work. They give them all the support that I had to help these young people find some sort of stability, to help them find their own happy.

So instead of new swearwords, London rants or a coffee overdose, today I am just bringing you this video from the Princes Trust. It is for their new campaign Parallel Lives which shows how different things can be. How different things could have been for you. So please take two minutes to watch, and if you can skip your Pret lunch today and give the money to the Princes Trust. Together we can make a difference.


Purchase one of the Runawaykiwi necklaces or bracelets before Friday and ALL profits go to Red Nose Day 2013!

Just type “Red Nose Day” in the message box and I will do the rest.

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Hi Y’all

As part of my cultural experience I have decided to get involved with Red Nose Day 2013. Until the 15th of March (Red Nose Day) all profits from my jewellery sales will go to help kids in the UK and in Africa.

Just think…you get pretty sterling silver jewellery and you get to feel superior because you donated to charity!

What does Red Nose Day do?

“In the UK, you help give shelter to young people living on the streets and protection to those living with domestic abuse. In Africa, your money saves thousands from malaria and provides whole communities with fresh water and life-saving vaccines.”

All you need to do is purchase as normal from Etsy and type “Red Nose Day” in the message box.

So get amongst it and get buying!


The Milton Keynes Gallery is very popular all of a sudden. I would love to say this is for the art, but I think it has something to do with the £8,000 cheque rumoured to be hidden somewhere in the gallery. Thats right, an £8,000 cheque may or may not be hidden in the gallery, and if you find it you get to keep it.

According to Tomas Georgeson (the artist in question), the myth of the cheque is to increase visitor numbers to the gallery. In that the stunt is quite admirable, because it is without doubt increasing visitor numbers. More importantly, the increase has come from people who would not normally go to a  gallery. In fact I would go as far as to say that this could form a basis for all Government processes. Put all Job Centres at the end of a long corridor of art – it would give a moment of calm hope before the soul crushing reality hit.

I’m not sure what the outcome of this stunt should be. I think in order to be successful (and to gain the trust/belief for further Georgeson escapades) there has to be a cheque. If there never was one, or if it was some sort of artistic ‘I blitzed the cheque into dust and scattered it round the gallery so you could all have some’ it would be unbearably lame.

Potentially the ultimate ending would be the public not finding it, and the artist having a big reveal and donating that amount to an arts charity.