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Ok kids, runawaykiwi has a new favourite London app

  I have been using Google maps or TFL to plan my adventures around London. Google maps is good, except it does not really take into account the fickle nature of the London Underground (the current fashion is to close parts of the Ginger Line every weekend). You would expect TFL to be better, but […]

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Getting a bit philosophical
Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – a little bit of mindfulness from London Underground

There is a lot of angst that goes into London commuting. Between my head being in someone’s armpit and endless signal failures it is really nice to see something like this…   As seen at Clapham North underground station. 

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TUBE RAGE and the glimmering light of a underground ninja

This was the first full week back and work and by god was I an angry commuter. So my ducks, here is a list of donts when using the London underground at rush hour. 1) Don’t read your kindle while walking between tube lines at a station, you can wait till you are standing still […]

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