Gingerbread man

I decided to clean up my online presence and delete some old Facebook albums. In the process I realised that Facebook actually knows what you should be doing with your life.

I have been on Facebook since the end of high school – so that is a good few years of adventures that I sorted through (i.e. get lost in for a few hours).

The images that made me the happiest weren’t those at parties or even travel photos – my highlights were all crafty/arty. Nothing great and profound, just little bits of silliness like the gingerbread man above.

It made me feel a lot more settled in my choices for this year. No big trips planned, no crazy adventures. Just haunting London art galleries and creating little things that make me happy. Oh, and writing my blog.

I highly recommend that you undertake your own Facebook exploration – which parts of the last few years made you smile the most?

Bliss, Love, Peace, Agony

Art brings me an immeasurable amount of joy. Creating it even more so than looking at it. But unless you are into life drawing, it is a rather solitary pursuit.

When I read this article about a community art project in London my heart sang. Essentially it is an art class. But one which is as much about companionship as it is about creativity.

“I think they also enjoy being defined as a creative person rather than

as an older person, and the social aspect is very important.”

Why can’t we bring this idea to us solitary artsters. There are craft groups (the ever so twee stitch and bitch) but only art classes which are unachievable for the London skint.

I would love to spend an afternoon playing with paint in the company of others. It would give that much needed sense of community to the hobby painter.

If only I were an octogenarian.

Cruising through the internet I came across the Dream Catcher pendant by New Zealand designer duo D_LUXE. I loved the concept, but theirs was a little too controlled and symmetrical for my taste (makes sense since both Karie and Megan come from an architecture background). So I thought I would give it a go myself.

I used 1mm wire which I annealed and then twisted together two pieces using a vice and a hand drill. I then formed my rough circle and soldered shut – this was a complete pain because the solder kept running up the twist rather than closing my join. I used 0.4mm wire for the inside pattern (wrapping round the ugly join a few times to hide it). I found it easier to use a jig to help with the loops and just free styled the center mess.

The result? Not as perfect as the glorious D_LUXE pendant, but maybe a little more true to an actual dream catcher made from nothing more than string and patience.


Now for the sad puppy part of the story. After being so ecstatic with my handiwork (not in the least because I did not injure myself while making them) Miley Cyrus decided to enter stage left. Some baddy leaked photos of Miley half naked in the bath. How is this relevant you ask? Because she has a big freakin dream catcher tattoo on her side. Her naked side. Her naked side in the bathtub. Her naked side in the bathtub right next to her side boob.

So now all I can think of when I look at my happy pendant is Miley’s side boob. Not exactly what I was going for.