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How to make friends in London – the Thinking Bob edition

My biggest complaint when I arrived in London is that if I wasn’t into sports or drinking, how was I supposed to make friends? I had no interest in spending £100 getting wrecked as I crawled from dirty pub to identical dirty pub, and after my one attempt at a netball game it was clear […]

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Things to do in London

How to be a spy: late night at the Churchill War Rooms

I sat down and wrote a bucket list for London, not really a finite list to do before I go*, but just something to keep me motivated and engaged over winter. At the top of the list was to attend a late night at one of the museums. Late nights are when the big museums […]

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Happiness Project

The Happiness Project: finding my medium term

I tend to think either in the short or long term – medium term, now that is tricky. Tricky and important. With no medium term plan I found myself obsessing about the future. Would I buy a house? Would I go back to New Zealand? Would I travel more? I am very happy in London […]

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