You can’t miss this exhibition. Actors, models, and friends of Chanel all dressed in the classic Little Black Jacket. Each is rocking their own particular style. Georgia May Jagger makes it sexy, Elle Fanning innocent, and Anna Wintour shows us her best side.

This exhibition has taken over the top floor of the Saatchi gallery and is only on till the 28th of this month. The lights have been dimmed, and the photos are large scale and nailed to the wall. Its showed perfectly that all this marketing bolloks is just that. Whoever you are and whatever you are wearing, you just have to make it your own.

Oh, and you get a free poster. You know how much I love that.

Recently when I was on holiday with my parents, my Mum kept looking over at me and frowning. I naturally assumed that it was my turn to buy the sangria, and was about to muster the energy to do so when she exclaimed “I think this magazine is written directly for you”.

And thus I was introduced to Red magazine.

Finally a magazine which does not treat me like a stick thin billionaire housewife with a beige outlook on life for whom Botox and Brangelina are as important as breathing.

Red talks abut friendship, strength and passion. It gives me hope that there are other women out there who think like me.

Red goes beyond just print (or pixels in the case of my iPad), it has built a community. There are networking events, a constant stream of tweets and blogs, and even where you can buy all those things you dream about.

So thank you thank you thank you to the Red team for treating me like an intelligent woman who just happens to like handbags.

P.s. for those who are wondering, the articles which made my Mum think of me were – women who enjoy hanging out by themselves, women who have made ‘plan B’ career changes because they figured out it just wasn’t making them happy, entrepreneurs starting a jewellery business and a collection of awesome recipes.


I love art. I love food. I love fashion. If you feel the same, you have to try the fashion afternoon tea at The Berkeley.

The entire afternoon tea was inspired by the Spring/Summer 2012 collections of some of the worlds top designers. My favourite was the coloured mouse with Lemon meringue which drew its looks from a summer Mulberry dress. Some of the other treats:

And it is all served on beautiful Paul Smith china.

Top Tip #1: if you finish your treats you can always ask for refills, they keep bringing you cakes until you could simply burst.

Top Tip #2: get one of the special fruit teas, they are dried fruit that you put in your cup and pour boiling water over. The fruit infuses the water with stunning flavour, and you can eat the fruit at the end.



Louis Vuitton is back and the girls are still on the train. But this time there is a distinct 60’s/70’s vibe. It’s smokey, the girls have purpose and the colours are a bit of a mustard invasion. And they are still wearing hats that are all kind of stupid.

I do love that Louis Vuitton has continued the train theme. Partly because I LOVE TRAINS. But also because in looking at the two adverts you get a lovely timeless feeling about train travel. There have been no major changes in train travel over the last few decades (Oyster card excluded), and these adverts show that perfectly. Travellers are locked in their own private worlds, focussing on the day ahead, and (in the world of Louis Vuitton at least) looking fabulous while doing so.

What I would love to see, is the next season of Louis Vuitton adverts in the present day – or at least using clothes with a harsh edge to mimic modern fashion. It would be a complete circle of train love.