London Fields wild flowers

I was tempted out of my Zone 1 security blanket over the weekend. Not much can make me leave the heart of London but with the promise of coffee and a new cafe I schlepped it to Hackney to visit the Laundry. Its kind of at the top of Broadway Market, right near Netil House and London Fields (now beautifully in bloom with wild flowers) & the first thing to hit me was just how freakin huge this place is.

The big airy space made it feel like I was not only outside zone 1, but outside London completely. And then when you see corn fritters on the menu, I got taken straight to New Zealand. Although, it was a bit of a drama to get my corn fritters. We had to ask for menus, then ask to order coffee/food, then when I asked if they did corn fritters (it was on the board outside but not on the menu) the waitress looked very confused and went to ask someone else. Then when she confirmed that they did corn fritters I had the audacity to ask what they came with, cue our waitress asking three other people and checking on a computer only to come back five minutes later and say ‘avocado’. Ok, I will take those corn fritters.

The Laundry corn fritters

I don’t want to rag on the waitress, because the Laundry is still only new (seven weeks I think) so are obviously ironing out a few kinks. But it just felt like  they had everything else in place, amazing coffee great food and cool interior design, but had not quite figured out how to take orders yet. But as I said the rest was awesome so I hope this is just a teething problem.

After the lengthy ordering process, the food and coffee arrived quickly. The coffee was perfect, which is something I don’t type lightly. No idea what beans they use but the resulting Flat White ticked every box. We were also just a little bit in love with the cups, half way between a coffee & tea cup, and looked almost like the wartime enamel ones.. where can I get some?

The Laundry Flat Whtie

The controversial corn fritters were just like Mum would have made. Delicious, flavorful, light and a little crispy on the outside – I wish I could make them like this at home. As promised they did come with avocado, and because I am a heathen I also got crispy bacon on the side.

The Laundry is well worth a visit, particularly because it looks like it turns into a bar at night so those long brunches can turn into an early afternoon cocktail hour, as all good brunches should.

The Laundry E8


Summer is slowly slipping through our grasp. But instead of mourning its passing, I decided to savour its last lazy moments by signing up to a raw dinner on the rooftop if Netil House in Hackney.

Raw food is exactly what it sounds like…not cooked. For my main I had a yummy zucchini pasta (I.e. ribbons of zucchini) with pesto, tomatoes and Brazil nut shavings meant to mimic Parmesan cheese (believe it or not it actually did a passable job). My desert was a berry cheesecake type thing that really hit the spot.

The rooftop of Netil House is a lovely way to spend an evening; chilling out in beanbags and deck-chairs while gazing out over the East London skyline. And when the band started to play it just added to the hipster afternoon vibe.

My only gripe about the entire experience was the price. I booked though Yplan which normally guarantees a bargain of an evening, but not so much here. The raw rooftop experience cost £48 for two, which set the expectations pretty high. After all, if they don’t have to pay for meat they should be able to blow your mind with flavour for that price*.

After all, if you look at the prices at Le Mercury they do a meaty lot more for a lot less.

Especially because the Yplan £48 was actually a discounted rate!!!

Oh well, it was fun. But next time I might be a bit more careful when booking food through YPlan.

*I should note here that I am not a vegetarian but love & appreciate vegetarian food none the less, my argument is more about how the price of meat these days in some way justifies the higher prices in a way that uncooked vegetables can’t.