Five years in London is coming up alarmingly fast. Five years when I only thought I was moving to London for three months. I now have two homes, two homes on opposite side of the world – the distance makes it a little hard to pop over for a coffee. Every time I am in London I miss New Zealand, and when I am in New Zealand I crave London.

I love where I am and I don’t want to move home any time soon, but a little bit of my heart remains 18,234km away. Instead of a post today here is a little video from me to say what is too hard to put into words. Enjoy xx


I can’t tell you how unbelievably convenient it is when you put a slogan on your business cards and then discover a friend has it as a tattoo. Even better is when the tattoo is on her wrist and you have designed bracelets.

Love when the universe aligns like that.

Many many thanks to the lovely Amanda who was my model for the day.

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Runawaykiwi bracelets

Wish you were here

Wrist cloud

Home is where the heart is



On one of the last sunny days in London, I ventured to Greenwich. I intended to go to the Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Royal Observatory, but got completely distracted by Greenwich Market.

It was not just that it had a tasty food section (my god was it tasty). And it wasn’t that it had beautifully crafted art, jewellery and other notions just begging to be bought. It was the lovely hearts hanging over our heads, overseeing the entire proceedings.

The big hearts had each been decorated in a different style. My favourite was the blue number above. But there were also one made entirely out of old furniture, one designed as a target and one that was a giant shattered mirror. I liked that they were not shoved in your face. Rather they were there to be looked if at if you wanted a quiet moment amongst the crowds.

The hearts also act as part of the markets marketing campaign of ‘I heart Greenwich Market’. Quite, stealthy, cleaver and lovely.