Hello from the city of London

Hi Friends

As the paper clip once said “it looks like you are writing a letter” and even with such an outdated reference, a letter it shall be. No blog posts in over three weeks? What is the world coming to. Huge thanks to all you sweethearts who reached out to ask if I was ok, I am. I just had a few manic weeks at work which got in the way of writing.

To quickly catch you up on what I have been up to. I ate an entire family sized box of Oreos in four days – in my defense they were a Reese’s/Oreo mash up and were filled with peanut butter cream. I got caught in precisely four rainstorms and never learned to carry an umbrella with me. I accidentally visited a large collection of paperweights which was as thrilling as you could expect. Oh and I got a haircut that was one hell of a lot shorter than expected but I didn’t find out till three days later because my hair is like Jesus.

Anyway back to the writing gap.

It might be a little ‘breaking down the fourth wall’, but believe it or not this blog is not my full time job. It’s my creative outlet, way to make friends and supplementary income, but not my full time gig. I know the dream for millennials is a life as a digital nomad; micro-entrepreneurs that call the shots and can take the perfect Instagram along the way. But for me? I am happily employed as a business analyst working for the man. It is fulfilling, interesting and involves a butt-ton of travel (for the moment at least); so Bloggy McBlogface has to take the back seat some times and I am 100% chill with that.

Don’t get me wrong I try not to drop blogging, it is so damn important to my happiness. But if it does there is no guilt, I’m just excited for when I can get back to it. I was actually writing over the last couple of weeks, but some of the posts are totes-emosh and I thought you would all be mega concerned about me if they were not bookended by happy so I held them back. P.s. I am fine.

What else did I have to say? Oh right, I am so damn happy to be home in my flat for a bit. This month I’ve been to Germany, Chicago and Ibiza which was lovely, but there is nothing quite like being able to make a cup of tea whenever you want. And don’t even get me started on sleeping on your own pillow…literally the dream.

Now that I have caught up on sleep, come down with a cold and finally watched the Hodor episode of Game of Thrones…let’s get writing.

See you soon