What is the best age to take your kids to Disney World?

In Disney you spend a significant amount of time in queues. You queue for security, you queue for the monorail, you queue to get in, you queue for Starbucks and then of course there are the rides. I have been in the UK now for 6 years, so I am totally ok with queuing – […]

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My tequila hero

After Christmas we went up to Sandy Bay for a few days at the beach. Annoyingly the sea was full of weed so we wiled away the days playing boggle, having sober dance parties to Taylor Swift, and on my part of course blogging. On the other end of the beach was Havana Cabana, a […]

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The Runawaykiwi Empire

How to guarantee sex in February

General Bunny is back – and this time he’s hearty. The reason for his appearance over two weeks before V Day is to shout about the runawaykiwi sale! Take a look at the entire range on Etsy here: As a special present to my bloggy followers, if you email me on with the subject line ‘General […]

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Coffee and food

Last Christmas and the 12 course degustation menu

Last Christmas was one of the tastiest ever. For some crazy reason, my parents and I decided to make a 12 course degustation lunch. At home. Just for the three of us. But by god it was worth it. Check out the menu and dishes below.

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