For those of you who watch QI, you will know that carrots were not always orange. They were bred to be orange by some fancy pants dude in the Netherlands to honour royalty*.

I have known this for a while, and although I eat a carrot every day for lunch I have never seen any other variety. That was until my trip to Borough Market at the weekend, where ta da! there they were.

Now on the internet for all to see, the original rainbow carrots.

*this may be a myth, but for the purpose of this blog it will have to do


On one of the last sunny days in London, I ventured to Greenwich. I intended to go to the Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Royal Observatory, but got completely distracted by Greenwich Market.

It was not just that it had a tasty food section (my god was it tasty). And it wasn’t that it had beautifully crafted art, jewellery and other notions just begging to be bought. It was the lovely hearts hanging over our heads, overseeing the entire proceedings.

The big hearts had each been decorated in a different style. My favourite was the blue number above. But there were also one made entirely out of old furniture, one designed as a target and one that was a giant shattered mirror. I liked that they were not shoved in your face. Rather they were there to be looked if at if you wanted a quiet moment amongst the crowds.

The hearts also act as part of the markets marketing campaign of ‘I heart Greenwich Market’. Quite, stealthy, cleaver and lovely.


The other day, as I was walking through Borough Market, I found some of my favourite Portuguese Custard Tarts. Now if you want to read about my tart obsession, read my earlier post, this post is about something else entirely. This post is about bees. Yes, bees.

There were three bees hanging out on the tarts. When I pointed this out to the stall holder, he calmly picked each of the bees up by the wings and threw them away. He had ninja like accuracy, and the bravery of a tiger.

He picked up the bees and threw them away. Consider my mind blown.

And yes, I ate two.

1} Sample the delicious food on display at the Borough Market – cheese, meat and treats galore

2} Wander down Brick Lane and look at the graffiti on display (and the crap being sold on the street)

3} Go to the British Museum and see the relics which the Brits have brought home over the years – and while we are on the subject, the Natural History Museum, and the V&A are also a must see

4} Walk from Waterloo, past the Houses of Parliament, through St James Park, past Buckingham Palace and end up in Hyde Park under a tree

5} Art Galleries! National Gallery, Tate Modern, Tate Britain and Saatchi to name a few

6} Visit the Columbia Road Flower Market – take the time to stop and smell the roses

7} Go to the Wallace Collection, an amazing stately home with a wicked collection of armour

8} Go to a service at Westminster Abbey, religious or not the Evensong is beautiful to listen to

9} Imperial War Museum, yes they have some big guns but they also have one of the best holocaust exhibitions I have ever seen

10} Sit outside the Tower of London, look out at Tower Bridge and soak up the history of London

Enjoy xx