Blogging about blogging

Runawaykiwi’s Pinterest tips for bloggers

Ok so my last post was a little facetious*. Seriously it is insane to have this many Pinterest followers, and makes me all of a sudden fell a little like I shouldn’t pin quite so many cats. Eh who am I kidding cats are awesome PIN ALL THE CATS. Today I thought I would give […]

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Blogging about blogging

19 things that happen when you get a million followers on Pinterest

The Queen writes you a congratulations letter All of a sudden you can actually do nail art with your left hand The secret ‘Crossed Pins’ society welcomes you in a ceremony featuring mason jars The Crossed Pins force you to actually get one of the tattoos you have pinned (sorry Dad!) It will never rain […]

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Coffee and food

Motivation Monday – the cool things from Pinterest edition

I heart Pinterest. It is one of the best ways to find new recipes, craft ideas and handbags that I can’t afford. So for this Motivation Monday, I thought I would bring you five of my favourite pins. 1. Anything from The Beauty Department – they have some of the best make-up and hair tips & they use lots […]

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Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – the feminism edition

[youtube] In the last week I have been debating feminism on two fronts. The first was Julia Gillard’s speech about sexism and misogyny in Australian politics, and the second was an opinion about what Pinterest is doing to feminism. I don’t want to argue about it on the internet. But I do think it […]

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