My favourite things, my beautiful weirdos

Ok lovelies it’s time for my favourite things post. I was going to write my favourite things about Christmas in London, but its November so screw that I’M NOT JOHN LEWIS. Instead I thought I would write about something unbelievable close to my heart; my favourite things, the weirdos I surround myself with. A lot […]

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Blogging about blogging

My side of the story.

I wasn’t going to write about this, I really wasn’t. But yesterday at a blogging event the PR used me as an example of a bad blogging relationship. They kept it anonymous and did not mention me by name but the blogging community in London is tiny so I heard about it from three different […]

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Theatre, exhibitions and festivals

The Wheel of Date

So, I did something rather out of character… I went to a dating event. Let me explain my reasoning, I am happily (and selfishly) single and rocking it in London. BUT I have never been to a petting zoo 135m above London. And no, that is not a euphemism. I simply could not pass up […]

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The Runawaykiwi Empire

How to guarantee sex in February

General Bunny is back – and this time he’s hearty. The reason for his appearance over two weeks before V Day is to shout about the runawaykiwi sale! Take a look at the entire range on Etsy here: As a special present to my bloggy followers, if you email me on with the subject line ‘General […]

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