I have done some completely stupid things recently. Sadly neither of the stories I am about to recount are due to alcohol, at best I might have had one too many coffees. The really scary thing? Dumb things come in threes, so watch out world.

Dumb thing numero ono was this one runawaykiwi trying to do a two man job. I moved into a new flat about a month ago and my room came with a fucking huge wardrobe, a wardrobe that had been put in the exact wrong place in the room. All I had to do was move the offending wardrobe 2.5m to the other wall and then my feng shui dream would be complete. My flatmate was away, and I didn’t want to bug any of my friends (and FEMINISM!) so I thought – I will do this myself. I should not have done it myself.

Runawaykiwi bedroom

I knew I had made a dumb call at the point where I had managed to inch the wardrobe over the span of 30min to just in front of my door. Yeap, I trapped myself in my room. My phone was in the living room, my flatmate would not be back for two weeks and there was a real risk of my face being eaten by an urban fox; so I did what any strong independent woman would do in that situation…burst into tears. I was facing the very real possibility of death and starvation so I ginned up (you mean you don’t have gin in your room?) and over the course of the next TWO HOURS with visions of the wardrobe falling and crushing me like a bug I moved the wardrobe by brute force a centimeter at a time. Finally in its rightful place I have learned two valuable things:

  • Always keep gin in your room because you never know when you might need it
  • Never think you can do a two man job by yourself just because ‘you believe you can’ AKA the ‘fuck you Disney’ rule.

With dumb thing number two I didn’t actually find out about my stupidity until about a week after the fact. Back story is that I am slightly obsessed with a website called The Calm Gallery that does beautiful prints, and when I moved into my new flat I wanted to treat myself. I spent hours hunched over my phone (had to wait A MONTH for wifi to get set up so was reduced to phone browsing) looking at the different prints and trying to decide if I could afford one right now. And when I say hours, I do mean hours. I kept coming back to this ‘adored’ print again and again, I was in love.

I thought I had decided to wait for next pay day before I got the print, but that Wednesday the print turned up at work. I just assumed I must have ordered it, I mean I was looking at it late at night so weirder things have happened. I put it on my wall and have loved waking up to it every day.

Not dumb so far? Well, finally the internet situation got fixed and I skyped my sister. We had a lot to catch up on, and she started by asking if I had got the present she sent me. I replied no there must be a Royal Mail delay. We had a catch up and then I told her the wardrobe story (much laughter) and then showed her where I had put things in my room, and how I got this ‘You are Adored’ print. Her face dropped and she said ‘oh shit’, she had ordered one for me as the aforementioned present.

After assuring her that I’m sure I could return the double up or something the penny dropped. Yeah, I hadn’t ordered it at all.  My amazing sister had ordered the perfect print, the print that I had spent hours looking at, the print I had given myself all the credit for having bought.

Ugh, I think I need to up my coffee intake.

Wow it has been a busy time in Runawaykiwi land. I have managed to have a massive work event (GFX Belfast rocked the house!), moved flat and became the proud owner of a KitchenAid mixer (more on this in a later post).

To get back into the swing of things I thought I would mix things up a bit and show you some photos of my life lately.

Miss you guys xx

GFX Belfast all the SMARTBARS set up just waiting for people who can actually lift!

GFX Belfast all the SMARTBARS set up just waiting for people who can actually lift!

My life in a moving van, so sad!

My life in a moving van, so sad!

And of course in the unpacking process I realised just how much animal print I owned..

And of course in the unpacking process I realised just how much animal print I owned..

Taking a break from moving to get my Pinterest planning on (yes, bloggers do have to plan Pinterest)

Taking a break from moving to get my Pinterest planning on (yes, bloggers do have to plan Pinterest)

In the last days of summer I finally went to the beach...it was wet.

In the last days of summer I finally went to the beach…it was wet.

Look at my new baby!

Look at my new baby!

Happy New Year
All of my favorite bloggers are doing 2013 roundups. They are posting about the amazing adventures they went on, the births deaths and marriages they have experienced and the cool design projects they have undertaken. I was thinking I should do one myself, if it wasn’t for the small insignificant little problem of not being able to remember a damn thing about 2013.

I know I am a very lucky young thing who has been to New Zealand and New York in 2013 (yes, it was all about the New). But aside from that nothing really sticks out. I could of course trawl through my blog posts to discover my adventures, but I have the strange suspicion that the year was made up of coffee and not much else.

I think 2013 might seem like a bit of a blip for me because it is in the shadow of 2012, the year that I ceased to be a tax accountant and became an expat. In 2012 I became a jewellery designer, blog writer and brave little runawaykiwi. 2013 in comparison is like a G&T without the gin.

This aint a pity party in the slightest, I am just honestly bamboozled as to how I made it through the year without kicking ass at something.

But don’t worry kids, I have something up my sleeves for 2014…

Much love and thanks for reading!



Tower Bridge

I can confidently say that I am settled in London. I have no plans on moving back to New Zealand any time soon, even if the dreaded London winter is here. So it begs the question, why do I still have a car in New Zealand?

When I left in 2012 I had no idea if I was going to be away for three months or five years. I was so lost that it was completely plausible for London to be a temporary stop before going home and trying to pick up the pieces. Since I could have been home before summer I left my car with my parents.

Now that I know I will be in London for a while it is becoming increasingly stupid to keep a devaluing asset sitting in a garage, when I could put it into a term deposit and actually make money from it.

But I don’t know, that car is my link to New Zealand, it is the possibility of flying home tomorrow. The possibility that I will go back to my country, my parents and my friends. The possibility that London isn’t a permanent move.

So what do I do? I think I have to be sensible and sell my car. But that step feels all too like closing a door for my liking.



Home is where the heart is Cloud

Since I am going to be on a plane for the next 30 hours, I thought this would be the perfect time to get my Christmas giveaway started.

I know that Christmas presents are the last thing on the list when you are either travelling or saving to go on your big adventure. So this time around I am giving away a necklace for you and a friend!

Enter below or take a look at the full range here: https://runawaykiwi.com/shop/


P.s. I am happy to ship to wherever you are in the world!

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