I finally did it! My crazy stupid personal blogging challenge to post every day for a year is complete. Although it has caused me some sleepless nights it has also filled me with courage and made me happier than Miley Cyrus with a big foam finger.

Never fear, I am going to keep blogging (and have a new blog layout in the works!) after all blogging is an addiction that I don’t think you can ever just get over.

Thank you for my dear readers for clicking through this little blog of mine and supporting me over the last year. When I first registered my URL I thought it was only going to me my parents reading, but turns out my audience has grown further than I ever imagined!

Letter from the Queen

Feted Afternoon Tea

Exciting things have been happening behind the scenes at runawaykiwi HQ – the first of which I can finally reveal…

Say hello to Fêted magazine. It is a new online magazine created by a duo of talented sisters. I have contributed the afternoon tea section of the first edition, with hopefully many more to come.

Check it out here:


Heart Necklace

A few days ago I was so overjoyed by sun returning to London that I thought I would share some of my happiness. So… here comes the runawaykiwi competition to win one of my beautiful sterling silver necklaces!

It is now snowing again, but the competition continues. To enter just ‘like’ my Facebook page and comment on this status with the place you always wanted to travel to.

Because after all, jewellery is way better then sunshine.

The winner will be drawn on Friday the 12th.

Valentines Day Bunny

General Bunny is back – and this time he’s hearty. The reason for his appearance over two weeks before V Day is to shout about the runawaykiwi sale!

Take a look at the entire range on Etsy here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Runawaykiwi

As a special present to my bloggy followers, if you email me on runawaykiwi@gmail.com with the subject line ‘General Bunny loves you’ – I will give you a whopping 15% off. Not only that, but if you get your act together there is even time to ship it to NZ and around the world.

Happy heart day y’all.