I realise that using the internet as a Magic 8 Ball might not be the best idea. But when a girl is drunk on stolen gin and alone in a Berlin hotel room, who else is she to turn to? Three months ago I asked Twitter if I should take a risk or not, without giving any context whatsoever, 54 of you answered and the clear majority said yes take the risk. Based on the hive mind of the internet the next day I spent all of my savings ordering an engraving machine from Korea. Thanks to that 93% today I get the excited privilege to introduce you to Zeal & Heart, my new jewellery line.

For those who have been reading since the start of Runawaykiwi (man, 2012 feels like 9 lifetimes ago) you will remember I used to sell jewellery on Etsy. Back in those days I had three designs that I got a manufacturer in Birmingham to make and to be very honest the sales meant I could eat that year (skint in London is no fun at all). Getting someone else to manufacturer was never exactly what I wanted to do, but in the dark ages of 2012 (pre-Brexit, pre-Trump, pre-gin based alcoholism) the technology didn’t exist to produce what I wanted.

My dream was to be able to engrave all of those Pinterest worthy quotes on tiny pendants, tiny so that they are a talisman for you and only you, not something shouted at the world. Over the years I have wanted to tattoo myself with these sayings changing my mind every other week over which it should be, but I think sterling silver is the less permanent option. Anyway, I digress. Thanks to five years of waiting the technology now exists and is sitting in my living room.

Zeal & Heart is going to be all limited edition designs (thanks to my low boredom threshold…yeah I really shouldn’t get a tattoo) and I am making only 100 of each. The sterling silver pendants can be purchased on a chain or just as the pendant and are all engraved with the edition number on the back, so you know which of the 100 you have. Once a design is sold out that’s it, on to the next Zeal & Heart message in silver.

My big hope (apart from you know, people buying them!) is that Zeal & Heart pendants bring a little bit of hope, courage or solace to you when you wear them. I know what it feels like to be a little lost in the world and sometimes all you need is that simple message to remind yourself and bring you back to center.

Seven designs are currently up on my Etsy store, keep your eye out for new designs being added to the range soon.

Love Runawaykiwi


Home is where the heart is Cloud

Top ten reasons why you should buy one of these delightful pendants:

1. You love travel and jewellery

2. Your best friend/sister/daughter/local MP/mother/wife/girlfriend loves travel and jewellery

3. Because small enterprises are the only way to get the economy out of recession

4. They are made from sterling silver so you will treasure it forever

5. Christmas is coming and it is time to panic buy

6. They come in packaging made from maps, very useful if you are planning a trip to the UK

7. Its not just a pendant, it is showing how much you care

8. It is midnight, you are on the internet and you have just been paid

9. They were designed on the steps of St Pauls

10. Because it will make my day


Get in quick if you want it to arrive in time for Christmas! Email me at runawaykiwi@gmail.com to order.


Cruising through the internet I came across the Dream Catcher pendant by New Zealand designer duo D_LUXE. I loved the concept, but theirs was a little too controlled and symmetrical for my taste (makes sense since both Karie and Megan come from an architecture background). So I thought I would give it a go myself.

I used 1mm wire which I annealed and then twisted together two pieces using a vice and a hand drill. I then formed my rough circle and soldered shut – this was a complete pain because the solder kept running up the twist rather than closing my join. I used 0.4mm wire for the inside pattern (wrapping round the ugly join a few times to hide it). I found it easier to use a jig to help with the loops and just free styled the center mess.

The result? Not as perfect as the glorious D_LUXE pendant, but maybe a little more true to an actual dream catcher made from nothing more than string and patience.


Now for the sad puppy part of the story. After being so ecstatic with my handiwork (not in the least because I did not injure myself while making them) Miley Cyrus decided to enter stage left. Some baddy leaked photos of Miley half naked in the bath. How is this relevant you ask? Because she has a big freakin dream catcher tattoo on her side. Her naked side. Her naked side in the bathtub. Her naked side in the bathtub right next to her side boob.

So now all I can think of when I look at my happy pendant is Miley’s side boob. Not exactly what I was going for.