I like big planes and I can not lie

I am a self confessed train dork, but turns out I am a plane dork as well (as long as I don’t actually have to fly in the bastards I find them really interesting). So I was amped to hear about MOTATs new aviation display hall. Last time I visited it was just an old hanger […]

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Street art and galleries in London
Things to do in London

TRAINS – and 150 years of poster art

I have confessed my love for trains time and time again. Add design and art to the train mix and I am in heaven. Thankfully 150 of the best London Underground posters are currently on display at the London Transport Museum to celebrate the Tube’s 150th birthday. The posters are set over three levels in […]

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Expat Help

16-25 Railcard the only consistent way to save money on the tube

The tube is freaking expensive. Like, seriously expensive. I mean, sell your first born expensive. But for the lucky under 26’s there is a magical answer – the 16-25 Railcard. The deal is that you pay £28 for the railcard, and this gives you: 1/3 on rail fares throughout Great Britain (i.e. train travel) 1/3 off […]

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