Getting a bit philosophical

Where are all the women?

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a panel show, asking where all the god damn women are. Call me crazy but I was under the impression that the earth was made up of 50% women. Actually I just checked the UK Office for National Statistics and the population of the UK is around […]

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What happens when you watch back to back episodes of Gilmore Girls on a long haul flight

It all started off perfectly normal. Terrified of flying me needed a distraction during the flight from London to LA. Nothing action adventure that would make me think the plane is crashing, nothing too soppy that would bring on the tears; Gilmore Girls seemed like the perfect solution. But things got weird. Very weird. First […]

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Things to do in London

Runawaykiwi: a Doctor Who adventure

I think what people my age are meant to do when they take a day off work is: A) exist in a hungover malaise B) fly to/from some fabulous destination C) attend an annoyingly weekday wedding The answer is not D) take the tube to West Ham to go to the Doctor Who museum. Never […]

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