Getting a bit philosophical

Wedding planning in the time of Corona

I tried on my wedding dress the other day for the third time, and it was the first time I was happy while doing it. Trying on a wedding dress alone is tricky to begin with, thankfully mine is just a simple zip up the back – but it is one zip more than I […]

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My big sister is getting married tomorrow

My big sister is getting married tomorrow, to the guy that she has been hanging around with for the last ten years. They are awesome partners; together they have traveled the world, finished university, landed first, second and third jobs, battled through living in London and are currently finding their feet as they settle in […]

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Getting crafty

The wedding present

  Wedding presents are always tricky. How do you get a meaningful gift and avoid the last minute panic purchase of a set of matching toasters? When my amazing American friend married her British boy, I knew that I had to celebrate the distance they had both travelled to get to that point. So I […]

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