Getting a bit philosophical

You need to write yourself an awesome intro

When you go to an event or listen to an interview people are always introduced with fucking awesome intros. The intro gets you amped up and excited to be sat in front of a person full of such blazing glory. To listen it sounds like you are witnessing game changers, these are the people to look up […]

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The one minute update

Apparently the average reading speed is 200 wpm with a comprehension rate of 60%, so here is a one minute update from me! I got back from New Zealand on Monday and straight back into a storm of bees inside a cat week at work. Your body thinking its 3am while sitting at your desk trying to […]

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Blogging about blogging

The Writing Process Blog Tour

The lovely Jamie from Angloyankophile tagged me in the Writing Process Blog Tour, bloggers tag bloggers and we wax lyrical about why and how we write. Of course what Jaime didn’t know is that by tagging me she would also open herself up to a world of Kiwi stalking and enforced cocktails (hi Jamie!). I […]

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Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – the lets talk of challenges and not giving up edition

You may have noticed a lack of blog activity in the last couple of weeks. Work has been crazy busy and the long hours has left no space in my brain (or hours in the day) for blog writing. The lack of posts is seriously starting to get to me, it not just a blog […]

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