Getting a bit philosophical

Those fucking Clear Blue adverts

If you are a female in the UK between the ages of 25 and 35 you will know exactly what I am talking about. For anyone outside that demographic let me explain; the only advertising offered up to us on YouTube is for Clear Blue pregnancy tests. Literally the only advertising. Want to watch a […]

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Expat Help

I’m like totally a vlogger now

For a few years now I have been getting drunk and giving people advice. Not in a creepy way, just in a ‘out to drinks with friends, ordering doubles when I should be ordering singles and accidentally convincing people to quit their jobs’ sort of way. Seriously in one week and three gin based nights […]

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Street art and galleries in London

Watch a bird play a guitar

[youtube] Have you ever heard a friend raving about a gallery visit, only to find that the exhibition closed yesterday? Turns out, thanks to technology that is no longer a problem. When a colleague was talking about The Curve by Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, it really caught my interest. What’s not to love about birds in […]

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